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7 Gold and Silver IRA Aspects You Better Know

Chances are, you’re looking for a better way to safeguard you retirement portfolio by rolling over your IRA to gold and silver.

According to Google, almost 97 people in the United States search daily for anything related to precious metals IRAs and that’s becoming a hot trend right now. By reading on this website you can find there are solid reasons for people trying to invest in gold and silver through their IRAs. This video explains in some way why people are turning their “cash-made” IRAs into precious metals.

Sad truth. Money is losing value…

People who are billionaires are buying gold…

The Central bank is may not be as transparent as we may think…

These days, we must think about our futures and find out the best ways to save and protect money for our families. Opening up a gold and silver IRA is for sure a good investment plan for the future. Gold and silver are  wise investments and their value rises constantly. People from ancient times have used precious metals as an insurance policy, as well. Even if everything else in the world loses its value, the value of gold and silver will remain intact.  Do you know why?

1. Why Gold And Silver Are So Appreciated

A little bit of history can tell you exactly why this it true.


Gold And Silver Backed IRA

Back in the day when we used to live in primitive tribes, we used to spend our time looking for a way to survive. Then, human beings were more concerned about gathering foods and hunting. But human minds evolved and tried to come up with new lifestyle ideas and insights about how to live better (like building homes, streets, etc.) and how to protect themselves from the external environment.

This particular fact allowed us to “get ahead of the game” and be willing to have control of everything around us such as food, tools and jewerly. So, we had one choice: learn what to do to improve our lives using our time to create products and trade one product or skill with other people.

But let’s suppose you were skilled at fishing and have tons of fish and me, I am skilled at hunting pigs and want to trade something. But I do not want fish at that moment…So what things were going to be exchanged between us?

We needed a standarized unit of trade. We needed something that could allow us to buy anything we wanted and sell anything we had to people interested in our products or skills.

You named it: Money! Initially a special kind of shell. Hell yeah! I could give you some shells and you gave me some fish. Awesome! But those shells used to get damaged easily and obviously, it wasn’t attractive to have a lot of corrosive shells because we would have no way to trade things.

So, we decided to use grains as a standarized unit of trade. In the end, if you didn’t want me to give you grains, I could eat it, so it was valuable for me.

And lastly, a new form of money, brilliant and attractive surfaced. The so called “ultimate money”:

Silver and Gold

Both are the principle of money. The very first acceptable form of trading things wihtout having to worry about corroding or carrying. Nowadays, they are basic elements among technologies, medicine, science because they are highly conductive.

Both are valuable in and of themselves, because you can exchange gold or silver for foods, clothes, etc. But if you finally didn’t find anyone who wanted them, you could still make jewerly, computer chips or tooth fillings. Pretty amazing discover, eh?

But I got some bad news…

“Brilliant human beings” came up with the idea of having something that didn’t have intrinsic value like gold and silver, but acted as a promise of it. That’s when “paper notes” that were backed by silver or gold appeared (Right now called “cash money”) and that could be traded in for.

And guess what? Those bright-minded people also came up with the idea to disconnect these paper notes from the gold and silver, so you could have a paper note, but it was not backed by anything. Just a promise within a piece of paper.

Say “Hi, Government.”

Since then, paper notes are not backed by precious metals anymore. When the government needs money, they print notes. That printed money allows them, among other things, to pay off external debt. But they created a terrible economic scenario every time they print more and more paper money. It is called inflation.

Every time they print more paper money, its value is diluited. Our money is being vanished every single day passively and that’s why we need more and more money to live our lives.

Do you understand why gold and silver got their high value? They are limited. Government can not print them and they have been the foundation of all economy since ancient times.

For example, look at this gold chart:


Gold solely has raised its price up to 600% since the early 2000s, unllike other investment vehicles like mutual funds or stocks. Look what happened when the economy crashed in the middle of 2008. People became unsure about their future, so they decided to “protect themselves” by acquiring gold. It is simple, people feel safe with it and that’s reasonable since gold and silver are the back-end of any economy. It’s a no brainer for protecting that printed-non-backed hard earned money.

Now, I have found something pretty amazing when it comes to US debt vs Gold prices. Gold is extremely cheap relative to the rising level of debt. Governments, specially the US, are ridiculously indebted.

Gold price vs US debt

So if you have some money in your IRA / 401k or some cash money. Would you consider rolling over part of it to gold and silver? Are you willing to protect yourself from future economic downtimes? Here is what you have to do.

2. What Is A Precious Metals IRA

A precious metals IRA is an individual retirement account backed by high valued metals like gold, silver, palladium or platinum instead of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Investors can put many different items into an IRA account for precious metals. Some of the qualifying items include American Eagle Coins, Australian Kangaroos, Canadian Maple Leafs among other types of bullion and proofs.

You can find full guidance on what  the best ones are for your needs as soon as you contact a company that can help you on this (Find the top rated ones in my free PDF). Go and download it now.

3. Two Major Benefits Behind a Gold and Silver IRA

  • The account protects the consumer from inflation costs since precious metals are limited and almost always have rising prices. Demand for gold and silver will exist forever since they are limited goods. Central banks cannot print precious metals as they do with cash money.
  • It has tax benefits: A precious metals IRA can provide you with a non-consequential ability to transfer gold IRA or silver IRA funds to another investment account. You will not have to pay any penalties and fees for such a transaction, so it protects and saves you money.

4. How Can You Rollover Your IRA to Precious Metals

A consumer can perform a rollover on a variety of investment accounts to gold and silver IRA accounts. A rollover is a transfer from one investment account into the next investment account. For example, a person can transfer money from a 401K into a gold IRA account. Other types of accounts that a consumer can rollover from are:

  • Pension plans
  • Roth IRA accounts
  • Simple IRA accounts
  • SEP IRA accounts
  • TSP IRA accounts
  • Tax-sheltered annuities and more.

By the way, you can’t do this alone. You will need to speak with a case manager or some company account custodian to initiate the transfer with ease. There are several precious metals companies ready to guide you in this process.

Due diligence is highly advised prior to a rollover, that’s why I have attached a free report on the right side of this page for this important task. You can download it just by entering your email.

5. How To Open A Silver IRA or Gold IRA Account

With every company you can deal with, this process is exactly the same. You have to research and take notes from every company out there. Refer to my free guide prior to “shake hands.” Here is what you have to do to open an account:

  1. Researching, calling, taking notes and taking proper due diligence, at least with the top 5 gold and silver IRA companies available. I have extracted the best ones in my PDF.
  2. Submitting an online application in order to be called by a representative.
  3. Fill out some paperwork online or offline for your current IRA or 401k custodian to transfer funds.
  4. Wait for at least 3 days for your funds to be placed in your new IRA.
  5. Choose an investment portfolio. This is normally composed of different proportions of gold and silver. Ask your representative which is the best for your expectations.

Boom! You now have a precious metals backed IRA. Simple as that.

6. What Kind Of IRA Can You Open Up

  • Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA

self-directed precious metals IRA account is an account that provides you with a ton of flexibility. For example, you can invest in a plethora of assets such as precious metals, real estate, stocks, bonds, private equity and the like. The term “self-directed” means that the account holder has the flexibility to make important account decisions to adopt alternative assets. That’s pretty important if you want a diversified IRA investment portfolio, which is highly recommended for almost every representative. Thanks to this particular kind of IRA, you are allowed to have a physical gold and silver IRA.

A physical precious metals IRA is a special type of investment, where most investors want their money invested in physical gold and silver bullion and coins. Also, you can invest in palladium and platinum. The only difficult aspect is that the IRS has stated some stipulations on this matter and you can not buy any kind of precious metals. Ask your representative which kind of bullion, coins and proofs you can invest in. Here you can find the complete list of IRS approved gold and silver.

  • Roth IRA

Several differences exist between a traditional IRA and a Roth gold IRA or silver IRA. The Roth precious metals IRA is an account that provides the account holder with protection against inflation. One of the main benefits of a Roth IRA is that the person can deduct from the contribution at any age. No taxes will be assessed to the person for taking money out of the Roth IRA account. Roth accounts have some stipulations on them, however you are required to earn less than $116,000 to own one, and a married couple can make no more than $193,000.

7. Which Companies Can Help You Open Up A Gold And Silver IRA

There are several precious metals companies ready to help you in this process. Be prepared to research prior to making an investment. At the very end, you’re not going to throw your hard earned life savings to the first company that offers you a “Tax-Free Gold Ira Account” just beacause of that. You will find top rated companies such as:

If you have downloaded my free PDF where I show you how to choose your company, you can see the main 7 factors you have to evaluate every company out there and what I have considered as the top 5 gold and silver IRA companies right now. You will find full guidance with this material, so take it seriously.

Take as a quick reference the top companies going to this comparison chart.

Some Thoughts On Precious Metals IRA’s…

Times are volatile right now.  Unfortunately, we have no absolute control over our economic environment, which puts us at a disadvantaged position against our future. But if we know that we can leverage commodities like gold and silver (basic elements of nature and main foundations of any economy) and have greater certainty about our future, why not use them to our advantage?. The law allows it. It should be done for several solid reasons. They know it.